The Deadlift – I’m a FREAK (The Final Installment)

aabv0118-300x199In parts 1, 2 and 3 of this mini-deadlift newsletter series I shared with you some deadlift history and 2 of my most successful, world record producing training cycles. (If you haven’t read those then just search in the ‘Deadlift’ category in the right side bar and you’ll find them very easily).

Hopefully you are now well on your way to a bigger pull and all the benefits it brings…

Winning Powerlifting meets, legs like Tom Platz, Lats like Franco Columbo and hot chicks falling at your feet…

I wrote this newsletter to show you the assistance exercises that I use for the deadlift.


Primary Muscle Groups to Focus on

– Hamstrings

– Glutes

– Lower Back

– Lats

– Upper Back

– Grip

My Favourite Assistance Exercises

– Leg Curls

– Leg Presses (feet high, toes out)

– Calf Raises (seated)

– Pull Downs (V-bar)

– Low Pulley Seated Rows

– Hammer Strength Rows

– DB Rows

– Very heavy bar holds

How I use these Movements

On Thursday, the day after I Deadlift I will usually do something like this:

– Leg Curls: 5 x 20

– Leg Presses: 5 x 15 – 20

– Calf Raises: 5 x 20 – 30

– Pull Downs: 3 x 10

– Low Pulley Rows: 3 x 10

– DB Rows: 3 x 10/side

I train grip like this:

On Wednesday, after my main deadlift sets I do this –

– Double overhand bar holds (bar is taped and I don’t use chalk): 5 to 8 sets x 20 seconds hold

On Saturday, I do this:

– Heavy partial deadlifts, shrugs, or a couple of other secret grip exercises I have up my sleeve

My Rules for effective use of Assistance

I never push assistance exercises to failure

– Assistance exercises must help the main movement or they get dropped

– The main movement always remains the priority

– Higher reps are used (8 or more)

– Rest periods are short (a minute)

– No assistance movement can ever replace the main movement

So there you have it. You’ve seen the world record training cycles. You’ve seen the assistance work and I’ve given you plenty of things to think about when planning your own deadlift training.

All you have to do now is the hard bit…

Get to the gym and put the hours in.

If you want to see how to put all this together and unleash your inner Deadlift beast, check out “The Phase that Launched 1000lbs” by clicking the link below:

The Phase that Launched 1000lbs


Talk soon

Andy B