5 Tips For Competition Day

5 Tips For Competition Day

By Andy Bolton

In this article I’m going to share 5 tips with you
that you can use to MAXIMIZE your PERFORMANCE
on competition day.

So if you want to make sure that you don’t waste
all that hard work you put in training in the gym –
read on and use these tips at your next meet.

Note: Even if you aren’t a competitive powerlifter,
many of these tips will still work for you the next
time you plan to go for a big gym lift/PR.

5 Tips For Competition Day 

1. Pack Your Bag The Night Before

There is nothing worse than waking up the day of
your powerlifting meet and realizing you can’t find
something that you really need.

You just don’t need that kind of stress on competition

The solution is easy – pack your bag the night before.

I like to write a check list of everything I need and
tick it off as it goes in my bag.

Call me a geek, but it works!

2. Take A Good ‘Handler’ With You

Your ‘handler’ is the guy (or girl) who will look after
you on meet day.

A good handler will carry your bag, help you load the
bar in the warm up room, help you call your numbers…

You get the idea.

The bottom line is that you want this person to be

Don’t take a lemon to the meet because they’ll stress
you out and do more harm than good.

So choose your ‘handler’ wisely (a current training
partner who knows you well is a perfect choice).

3. Open Light 

Ed Coan once said that the only reason anybody bombs
is because they open too heavy.

Sounds simple and it is.

It’s also very true.

I’ve done in excess of 50 powerlifting meets in my
career and I’ve bombed twice. If I’d opened lighter
this wouldn’t have happened.

We all make mistakes.

However, what I find amusing is the guys who bomb
80% of the time. What the hell are they playing at
except for making a joke of the sport?

The tip here is to open light… something you could
triple on a bad day is a good starting point for
beginners and intermediates.

If you are more advanced, you may take a more
aggressive approach and open with a single you know
you can get even on a bad day.

With that said, I can not really ever see the point in
trying to open with a PR. What’s the point?

You have 3 attempts – might as well use them (and
ensure you don’t bomb).

4. Stretch Your Hip Flexors After Squatting And

After 3 big Squats, chances are your hip flexors will
be tight.

So stretch them out.

This will loosen them up and help you get a bigger arch.

After Benching, do the same because it’ll help you get
a better set-up position on your Deadlifts.

5. Stay Hyrated 

I don’t like to eat much during a meet.

However, given that meet will last 3 hours and maybe
5 or 6 – not eating or drinking would be a disaster.

So, what’s the solution?

Easy… drink a lot during the meet and add BCAA’s
and Carb powder to your fluids.

That way you stay hydrated (essential for maximum
performance and avoiding injuries) and you get some
calories in.

If you do want to eat some solid food, go for easy to
digest foods like Rice Crackers and Raw, Organic Honey.

It’s 2012… the days of white bread Bacon Butties with
Tomato sauce at meets needs to stop! :)

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