5 Ways To Get Stronger

5 Ways To Get Stronger

By Andy Bolton

1. Work On Your Technique

Improving your technique may not sound sexy, but
it is sure as hell the fastest way to improve your STRENGTH
and minimize your injury risk.

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2. Master The Art Of Training Program Design

Many lifters train HARD, but far fewer train EFFICIENTLY.
Efficient training involves doing the least amount of work
in the gym possible and achieving the highest sports result.

When I squatted 1214lbs some of my rivals accused me of
not telling the truth about how I trained. They said I must
have been doing more than I said I was.

This was of course B.S. I was telling the truth and I was
training efficiently.

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3. Take It Easy From Time To Time

Training ‘balls to the wall’ is sometimes required in order to
get STRONGER. But doing so week in week out with no ‘down
time’ is a recipe for injury and a lack of enthusiasm.

Try taking it easy from time to time and your training will
probably improve.

Sometimes less is more.

You could try taking a de-load week by feel or program one
every 4th week.

OR you could cycle your training like I do – then you have
automatically built in easy weeks (at the start of the cycle)
and tough weeks (at the end of the cycle).

4. Learn From The Best

Whenever you want to EXCEL at something it pays to learn
from the best – someone who has already achieved similar
results to the ones you would like.

With training it is no different.

If you want to be as strong as a BULL, would you rather take
advice from a guy who’s been training a year and can just
about Bench his bodyweight, or a guy who’s been World
Champion numerous times?

I think the answer is obvious.

If your training is going well, keep doing whatever you are
doing! But if you are struggling and need some help, I’d be
honoured if you’d let me help you get stronger.

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5. Sometimes You Need To Change

The best in the world in the iron game have all changed and
re-structured their training over the years.

You cannot do the same things over and over again – sometimes
you must try new things.

For years I struggled to Bench 700lbs, which was not good
for a SHW powerlifter.

However, I changed some things and within 6 months I
Benched 750lbs… a pretty HUGE INCREASE.

One of the things I changed was that I started using Bands
and Chains in my training. For more information about how I
used them and how you can use BANDS and CHAINS to get
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