744 to 805 in less than 30 days? You better believe it

***Jim wrote in to say…***


My name is Jim Thompson. I just got your book “Explode your Deadlift”.
I loved it and the technique section was very helpful. My best Deadlift
up to getting your book was 744lbs.

After a few changes in form and adding a lot of KB swings I hit a pr of
! I’m 43 yrs old and weigh 240lbs. When I hit 744 I was 290lbs.

My squat has gone up as well. My best at 290lbs was 985. I hit 900 for
2 at 240 lbs. Thanks you for the motivation and easy to understand
guidance. “Champions do as they must… competitors do as they will.”

Jim Thompson.

>>>My Comments:

Jim… that progress in unreal. Amazing!

Adding over 50 pounds to your pull in less than a month, at a lighter
bodyweight, is great for anybody. To do it AND join the 800lbs club
is faintly absurd!

Keep up the good work my man.

What’s next… 850lbs?

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