A Simple Tip For Powerlifting Competitions

It often amazes me how many lifters bomb at meets.  You don’t see many bomb on the Deadlift, but the Squat and Bench Press see a lot of lifters fail to make 1 of there 3 attempts and end up going home early.

This often lets weaker, but smarter lifters win or place higher than guys who are stronger but dumber!

The Powerlifting Competition is a simple thing. Your best Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift of the day are combined to form your TOTAL. The person with the highest total in their class wins. Simple as that.

But you have to make a total to have a chance of winning, right?

Here’s the solution. And be warned, it’s pretty dam simple… But tons of lifters don’t do it…


Now when I say light, I’m not talking stupidly light.But how about opening with your 3 rep max or a weight you could do for a single even if you felt like absolute crap. Do this, and you won’t bomb.

The greatest pound for pound lifter of all-time, Ed Coan, once told me that the only reason any Powerlifter ever bombed was because, “they opened too heavy”

Those were the words of a master lifter. Think about them the next time you are competing and pick your openers wisely. Remember, you have 3 attempts; so you might as well use them all.

Good luck at your next meet!