Ben Explodes His Squat, Bench & Deadlift

***Ben sends his strength through the roof***

“Hi Andy

I had been toying around with powerlifting styles
of training for the last 12-18 months, mixing it
with your typical split bodypart bodybuilding style
of training and had peaked with a 210kg deadlift,
200kg squat and a 140kg bench press late in 2010.

Since that time I had suffered illness a couple of times,
some back pain and some personal problems that
affected training a bit and other things, like most people
do. I had managed to keep training on and off but had
failed to improve my three lifts since then. I had been
doing other things like rack pulls instead of pulling
off the floor to help bring my confidence back but couldn’t
translate it to lifts off the floor, likewise with dumbbell
bench press for regular bench press or leg press/hack
squat instead of regular squat etc…

I was beginning to get frustrated but came across your
website and newsletters which started to get me interested
in your style of training. I then purchased your books
about Squatting and Benching and read them over and
over a couple of times, these books were also accompanied
by your two DVD’s – 2011 Training Seminar and the Phase
that Launched 1000lbs.
After watching them, taking notes from your books and
newsletters regarding training programs/styles/exercises.
I started a totally new regime approximately 6 weeks ago.
For the first time I would squat/deadlift on the same day,
then do back/leg assistance exercises another day, chest
/shoulder another day and abs/traps/whatever I’d missed
the 4th day, and increased my emphasis on stretching/
recovery with 15mins each morning after my morning
walk devoted to stretching/foam rolling etc.

I started off light the first week and managed to push to a
200kg rack pull, 200kg squat and 135kg bench. Nothing
major, but about where I had been at my ‘peak’.
Since then over the next 6 weeks of following your style
of training I have deadlifted 245kg off the floor, squatted
230kg and bench pressed 160kg! All massive PR’s!

I have even increased the number of reps I do leading
up to these 3 big lifts such as deadlifting 200×3, 220×2,
230×1, 240×1 then the 245, went from squatting 200×1
to 200×3 and 220×2, and benched 140×3, 150×2 then
the 160.
I have the confidence to walk up the bar now and know
that if I can’t make the lift, within a few weeks I will be
much closer (I tried 250kg deadlift this week but could
only get it to shin height). I have put on 35kg on the
deadlift, 30kg on the squat and 20kg on the bench in
about 6 weeks!

I couldn’t have done this without the assistance of
your products. I have put on a couple of kg in bodyweight
too and now weight close to 115kg, so I feel like this
performance in the gym is helping to also build muscle
and size. I hope to further refine my techniques whilst
increasing my PBs and eventually compete in a raw
powerlifting competition.

I look forward to your newsletters and other products
as they are released as I know that they are always full
of useful information.



>>>My Comments:

Hey Ben,

Great job. Keep up the good work my friend
and good luck when you decide to compete.

It just shows what can be done with a little
knowledge and the right attitude.

Andy B

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tools that Ben used to get his Squat, Bench
and Deadlift to go up, click HERE