Bench Press Power – part 1

I’ve put together a 3 part series for the Bench Press.

To Bench BIG; technique is first and foremost. It
was only once Bill Crawford, (of Metal Militia),
helped me with my technique, that my Bench
jumped from a terrible 280kg to a more
respectable 342.5kg/755lbs.

And this jump happened in just 6 months!

In fact, that was good enough for the British record.

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my Bench Press technique and to see how you can
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Explode your bench

I’m now going to share with you some key points
to improve your Bench Press Technique:


Bench Press Technique: The Most Important Stuff


Get Your Set-Up Right

– 1. Regardless of whether you Bench up on the balls of your
feet OR flat-footed… get your feet out wide. This will
create immense stability.

– 2. Squeeze your Glutes as hard as possible

-3. Force your Shoulders back and down and get your
upper back tight.

Un-Racking The Bar

– 4. Take a deep breath of air before you un-rack the

– 5. To save your shoulders and to keep the set-up
position you have created before un-racking the bar…
Get your training partner to give you a good lift-off

Lowering The Bar

– 6. Hold your breath and lower the bar down to your
lower chest/sternum area.

– 7. ‘Break the bar apart’ to activate the Triceps as much
as possible

– 8. Keep your forearms perpendicular to the floor

Pressing The Bar

– 9. Drive with the legs as well as the upper body

– 10. Keep holding your breath all the way to lockout,
or at least until you get past your sticking point

– 11. Push the bar in a straight line or slightly back
towards your head

– 12. Rack the bar or repeat for reps

Work on these points each and every time you Bench,
both on your heaviest sets and on your lightest warm-up

Science has proved that it takes most people around 500
reps to groove a technique and make it run on auto-pilot.

However, it takes a staggering 3000 reps to break an old
technique and re-groove a new one. The take home message
is clear: NEVER take any sets for granted and try to do
every rep right, with every weight. Heavy or Light.

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Talk soon,

Andy Bolton