Do This – Pull More Weight. Period.

There has been a lot of debate recently,
between both coaches, athletes and lifters
alike, about the correct starting position
for the Deadlift.

In particular, the focus has been on whether
or not to retract the shoulder blades at
the start of the Deadlift.

Some say you should and some say you

I don’t, and don’t have any of my clients retract
their shoulder blades either.

Instead, I tell them to arch their lower back
and relax their shoulders and upper back.

This reduces the range of motion, which
is important if you want to reach your
strength potential of the Deadlift.

There is also no way that the shoulders
will stay retracted when you get strong
on the Deadlift. I can’t think of a single
top Deadlifter who retracts their shoulder
blades before they pull.

So to re-cap:

In the start position of your pull you
should arch the lower back hard and relax
the upper back and shoulders.

Now go hit a PB at the gym!

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Talk to you soon,

Andy Bolton