How To Squat 1214lbs – Part 1

Only 5 men in history have ever Squatted 1200lbs or more in a Powerlifting meet. I’m fortunate to say that I’m one of them!

For that reason, in this 2 part newsletter I’m gonna share with you the exact training cycle that I used to get me ready for the biggest Squat of my life.

I can’t really describe in words what 1214lbs felt like on my shoulders, but “heavy” doesn’t do it justice! It felt like the weight of the world bearing down on me.

In fact, 1214 pounds is half a small car.

Needless to say, the feelings I had when I squatted 1214lbs in competition were awesome!

Whatever your strength level right now you will find some stuff in these next 2 emails that you will be able to use to build a freaky Squat.

Whether you are traning for your first bodyweight Squat or your first 1000lbs Squat, I know you will discover some good stuff by reading this.

Intro over, let’s get to the fun bit:

The Training Cycle for 1214lbs

What you see below are the top set of Squats that I worked up to each week leading upto the meet where I squatted 1214lbs.

I Squatted on a Wednesday and these top sets came after a good warm up and in the region of 8 to 10 warm up sets of Squats.

The top sets you see here were followed by some speed sets to work on explosive power.

12 weeks out: 506lbs x 5 reps
(Belt and old knee wraps)

11 weeks out: 539lbs x 5 reps
(Belt and old knee wraps)

10 weeks out: 572lbs x 5 reps
(Belt and old knee wraps)

9 weeks out: 616lbs x 5 reps
(Belt and old knee wraps)

8 weeks out: 660lbs x 5 reps
(Belt and old knee wraps)

7 weeks out: 726lbs x 3 reps
(Old briefs, belt and old knee wraps)

6 weeks out: 792lbs x 3 reps
(Old briefs, belt and old knee wraps)

5 weeks out: 858lbs x 3 reps
(Old briefs, suit bottoms, belt and old knee wraps)

4 weeks out: 924lbs x 2 reps
(Old briefs, suit bottoms, belt and old knee wraps)

3 weeks out: 990lbs x 2 reps
(Old briefs, suit bottoms, belt and old knee wraps)

2 weeks out: 550lbs x 3 reps
(Belt and old knee wraps)

1 week out: REST

So there you have it. Exactly how I trained to produce one of the biggest competition Squats of all time.

Before we finish I’m going to share with you 3 secrets that you should take away with you having seen this training cycle:

Superhuman Squat Secret # 1

If you want a big Squat you gotta Squat! This sounds simple but there’s a lot of people out there right now making this harder than it really is.

If you want to be good at anything, then practise that thing.

If you wanted to be a great tennis player you wouldn’t spend all your time playing Squash, would ?


So why are so many people who want a big Squat(who should be Squatting), spending all their time doing everything but Squatting in the gym?

Spend your time wisely.

Superhuman Squat Secret # 2

You don’t have to train heavy all the time.

You’ll see that I didn’t train above 990lbs in the gym, yet I Squatted 1214 on competition day.

Nobody cares about big gym lifts… It’s what you do on the platform that counts!

Peak for the meet.

Superhuman Squat Secret # 3

Cycling works.

You will see that I start out my training cycle quite light (for me) and peak with huge weights come meet day.

Cycling, (starting out light) and working upto a new Personal Best has many benefits over other training styles.

Most notably, it gives your body the easier training weeks you need so that you don’t burn out through over training.

These lighter training weeks still allow you to practise what you are trying to get good at. But because you are not lifting Max weights your body and mind have chance to heal and recover.

Now you’ve discovered little about how to plan a winning training cycle, Go GET A STRONG SQUAT!