How To Squat With Chains (VIDEO)

This video shows you how to SQUAT WITH CHAINS…

If you want to develop speed, strength and power
on your Squats, you must try squatting against chains.
It’ll make you stronger out of the hole AND at lockout.

The Chains work by accomodating resistance, meaning
that as you lower the bar into the hole the weight gets
lighter (as the heavy chain ends up on the floor). Then,
as you drive the bar out of the hole all the way to lockout,
the weight gets heavier (as the heavy chain ends up in
the air).

Chains are an awesome way for Powerlifters, strength
enthusiasts and serious athletes to increase their
strength, speed and power. So if you fall into one of
those categories (and I’d bet my last dollar that you do),
you must start using chains in your strength training.

bands-and-chainsThe results are mind-blowing.

Chains can be used whilst you do speed work, max
effort work and repetition work.

For more info on how to correctly use chains on your
Squat AND your Bench and Deadlift, check out my
book, Bands And Chains. Just click the image below
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