How To Work Out Your Weaknesses And Get Strong: Part 4

By Andy Bolton

Today we are going to talk about the weakness that is holding back not only lifters, but the entire western world!..


Let me tell you the cold harsh truth right now – without your HEALTH, you are NOTHING.

Seriously, without health – nothing else matters.

So why is it, when I go to Powerlifting meets I see lifters stuffing their faces with white bread and cheap cheese and Ham sandwiches or chocolate bars?

Why is it Heart Disease and Cancer are gripping the world in a horrible way (I think 80% of us are statistically going to succumb to one of these diseases at some point).

Scary, eh?

Why is it that I see guys training for 3 hours (with great technique and the “best” training programs)… but they don’t drink anything during that session?!

In other words… they are chronically dehydrated!

I have been guilty of neglecting my nutrition in the past, but it is now something I take very seriously.

I’d like to share a few principles with you today that will improve your STRENGTH and your HEALTH.

Does that sound like something you’d like to do?

If so, please read on, print these principles out and stick them somewhere where you’ll see them every day and live by them.

When you do… you’ll feel, look and PERFORM much better.

10 Principles For Improved STRENGTH and HEALTH

1. Get Hydrated

Drink at least 2 litres of water (excluding peri-workout nutrition per day). The bigger you are the more water you will need.

Try adding a pinch of Celtic Sea Salt or Pink Himalayan Rock Salt to every litre of water you drink. This little secret will vastly improve your hydration levels.

Better hydration = better performance. Period.

2. Peri-Workout Nutrition Rules

It is amazing how many lifters still drink nothing around training time. To ignore peri-workout nutrition is RETARDED.

And for those coaches still recommending Skittles and Mars Bars
post workout – SHAME ON THEM.

Get with the times.

Here is what a proper athlete drinks to fuel himself BEFORE, DURING and AFTER training…

– 1 hour before: 1/2 litre water, BCAA’s, Carbs

– During training: 1/2 litre water, BCAA’s, Carbs

– Immediately post workout: Protein, Carbs

Pretty simple really, isn’t it? Start doing it and your strength will rapidly INCREASE. Guaranteed.

3. Get your 5 a day (minimum)

Okay, this one isn’t sexy – but it’s vital for your health.

So just man up and do it.

Eat 5 portions of Fruit and Vegetables a day. MINIMUM.

5 of each would be better!

Emphasize variety and a wide selection of colors throughout the week. So don’t just do Bananas and Potatoes (all yellow)… do bananas, strawberries, spinach, cherries, oranges and so on.

Get it?

4. Quality Matters

Unfortunately, food quality is not always good these days – so get the best quality that you can afford.

Don’t drink tap water – go for bottled water (or filtered).

Go Organic whenever you can – this way you get less chemical and other crap and more vitamins and minerals. It’s a ‘no-brainer’.

You get the idea. Organic is really important.

5. Eat A Variety Of Protein

Grass fed Beef

Organic Chicken

Wild Alaskan Salmon

Don’t eat chicken 8 times a day like some Bodybuilders do – it’s a recipe for boredom and the lack of variety is not healthy.

With meats in particular – quality is super important, hence the “grass fed”, “wild Alaskan”, “organic”

6. Eat Plenty of Healthy Oil

Have 2-4 table spoons a day of the following:

– Coconut Oil

– Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Have 2 to 4 teaspoons a day of this:

– Fish Oil

7. Choose Healthy Carbs

White Bread and white pasta are OUT!

Brown rice, spelt pasta and sprouted bread is in. Make the change and feel the difference.

8. Have A Large, Raw Salad Every Day

This is very important.

Here’s how to do it:

Have this salad with Fish, Chicken or Meat…

– Green Leaves (spinach, lettuce etc)

– Tomato

– Cucumber

– 2 to 3 vegetables of your choice

– Olive Oil, lemon juice

When we cook our food we destroy the enzymes and some of the vitamins and minerals. One raw salad a day will help you to get plenty of enzymes, vitamins and minerals into your body – all VITAL for HEALTH.

9. Get Some Sun Or Vitamin D

Less than optimal Vit D levels have been linked to many diseases.

Unless you work outside in the sun, topless,  for at least an hour a day – you are probably deficient in Vit D.

Buy a Vit D supplement and take it daily. Go for Vit D3 and get at least 1000IU’s per day.

10. Get Some Maca Powder

This supplement is a great natural enhancer of Testosterone. So it’s great for your strength and your performance in the bedroom ;)

Get 1 dessert spoon a day minimum (add it to a shake or smoothie).

Listen up.

What I’ve just shared with you is very POWERFUL. Get your nutrition right and your strength will fly through the roof.

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everybody needs and deserves this simple information.

It’s not hard to do, but most of us don’t do it.

My challenge to you is to STEP UP and cut out the tinned, packaged, processed crap and start putting GOOD FOOD into your body. Your Squat, Bench, Deadlift and HEALTH will thank you for it.

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    Great article Andy! I really appreciate the advice and I’m fixing a few areas I’ve been deficientry in. Just wondering – you never mention using you use it at all and do you think it is helpful for strength training? Thanks again.

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