Knee Wrapping Technique For The Squat


How you wrap your knees on the Squat is very
important. Here are three things to remember:

1. The tighter you “pre-stretch” your knee wraps
before you put them on, the better you will be
able to wrap your knees. So don’t skimp on the
preparation. Really crank them up before you start
wrapping your knees

2. Wrap both knees the same way. There are
several ways to successfully wrap your knees. In
the video I show you the easiest and most fool-
proof way to do it. Whatever way you choose,
do both knees the same!

3. Wrap the knees in-to-out, NOT out-to-in. This
will help force your knees out as you Squat, which
should result in more power. When your knees cave
in – you have a strength leakage

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Talk to you soon,

Andy B