The Deadlift – I’m a Freak: Part 1

Less technical than the squat and a greater test of all round strength due to it needing a vice like grip as well as a powerful posterior chain.

In recent years deadlift records have often stood still, whilst Squat and Bench records have exploded. The lifting equipment in Powerlifting has let lifters improve their Squats and Benches very quickly. However, equipment plays little role in deadlifting and it basically takes hard work, clever planning and the right attitude to pull big.

There is no other lift that depends on your state of mind as much as the deadlift. Indeed, if I tried to pull 850lbs in the wrong state it may not budge.

But come meet day, and I have pulled over 1000lbs…

And that’s why I say I’m a FREAK!

I was born to deadlift.

In the next few email newsletters I’m going to share with you some of my greatest ever deadlift training cycles.

These training cycles led to world records and my creation of a wholenew bracket for Deadlifting:

The 1000lbs club.

In total 13 men have pulled over 900lbs in Powerlifting competition. I’ve pulled over 900lbs in competition nearly 40 times!

Now you may be thinking to yourself; why am I telling you all this? And that’s a very good question. It’s because I want to help you achieve your Deadlift goals and get you to discover the secrets of a big pull.

The up coming training cycles and assistance work (in the next newsletters) will help you design your own training cycles better than ever before.

But I’m not going to make you wait until then for some “good stuff”.

So check this:

8 Ways to Supersize your Deadlift

  1. Perfect your technique. The best athletes in all sports tend to have great technique.
  2. Begin your deadlift with straight arms. It’s a stronger position and it may save you from a nasty Biceps tear
  3. Work out your best stance. Conventional or Sumo?
  4. Don’t max out every week. This is a silly idea on any lift, but it will probably burn you out faster on the deadlift than any other movement in the gym
  5. Train explosively. Speed can help you blast through any sticking point
  6. Train from blocks some of the time. This will help you feel heavier weights than you are used to
  7. Don’t be afraid to have a week off from deadlifting. Sometimes you’ll need it
  8. If you don’t want a week off but don’t feel up to pulling heavy… do speed work (Try 50% x 3 x 5)