The Deadlift – I’m a FREAK (Part 3)

In parts 1 and part 2 of this deadlift newsletter series I gave you some deadlift history and the training cycle I used to pull 1003lbs. (You can view parts 1 and 2 by searching in the ‘Deadlift Category’ in the right hand side bar).

Now I’m going to share with you the training cycle that I used to pull another world record. This time 1008lbs. That’s 457.5kg or half a small car!

What you’ll see here are the top sets I did in the gym, starting 10 weeks out from the competition where I pulled 1008lbs. I pulled on a Wednesday, after Squatting. I preceeded this training phase with several weeks of very heavy pulling from boards.

The Training that produced 1008lbs

10 weeks out: 220kg x 5 reps (Belt only)

9 weeks out: 230kg x 5 reps (Belt only)

8 weeks out: 240kg x 5 reps (Belt only)

7 weeks out: 250kg x 5 reps (Belt only)

6 weeks out: 265kg x 5 reps (Belt only)

5 weeks out: 280kg x 5 reps (Belt only)

4 weeks out: 300kg x 3 reps (Belt only)

3 weeks out: 320kg x 3 reps (Belt only)

2 weeks out: 350kg x 5 reps (Belt only)

1 week out: REST

So there you have it. The training was was similar to the cycle I did that produced 1003lbs. The biggest difference was 2 weeks out where I went a bit heavier and did more reps.

Oh, and I trained my grip a whole lot differently (but that’s a story for another time).

Bear in mind that these top sets were done after 5 to 8 warm up sets. Each set getting progressively heavier. I pull extremely explosively at all times. Compensatory acceleration is King!

In part 4 (the final chapter to this mini- deadlift series), I’ll talk you through the assistance exercises I use for my deadlift.

Get angry, then pull big