Who Else Wants To Build A Bigger Bench Press?

If You Want To Add 100’s Pounds To Your Bench, Pay Close Attention As I Show You Exactly How To Do It…

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5 Easy Ways To Build A Bigger Bench

By Andy Bolton, owner of a 755lbs competition Bench Press, one of only 6 men to squat over 1200lbs and the first man to Deadlift 1000lbs

Every man wants a bigger Bench Press.

Whatever gym you walk into, the Bench Press is nearly always the most commonly performed movement and the question…

“What do your Bench?”

…must be one of the most frequently asked at any gym.

Without a doubt the fastest way to improve your Bench Press is to work on yourtechnique. In fact, technical improvements can be responsible for mind-blowing increases in strength.

I have seen some guys work on their technique and add 50 pounds to their press in a single session. Despite this, most people Bench Press with less than optimal technique that is both weaker and more dangerous than if they used good technique.

For that reason, today you are going to learn some very important things to work on with regard to your Bench Press technique. If you commit to getting better at these things, you can expect an increase in strength and a reduced risk of injury – there’s nothing not to like.

But before we jump in, let me quickly tell you about my lifting…

I have pulled over 900 pounds in the Deadlift in more than 30 Powerlifting competitions. Pulling over 900lbs is something only 13 other men have ever been able to do, and only one of them exceeded 950.

I also became the first man to break the 1,000-pound deadlift barrier. I initially broke it with a lift of 1,003lbs and eventually topped my own record with a 1,008-pound pull.

I have also built my squat to over 1,200 pounds and recently Bench Pressed 754lbsfor what was at the time the British Record. But prior to that, my Bench was strugglingand was by far and away my worst lift.

You are about to discover the same things that I worked on to improve my Bench Press. These things helped me go from 280kg to 342.5kg in 6 months. Regardless of whether you are trying to Bench your bodyweight for the first time or trying to break the 225lbs or 315lbs barriers, these things will work for YOU too.

So pay careful attention because you are about to discover 5 ways to get yourself a bigger bench by improving your technique:

  1. Force Your Shoulders Back and Down

    To approximate this feeling, hold a Jump Stretch Mini Band at arm’s length in front of you and pull the band apart. The feeling as you pull the band apart will be one of tightness in your upper back. This is the feeling you want to re-create when you set up for the bench press. Maintain this position throughout your set.

  2. Squeeze Your Glutes Tight

    This is pretty self-explanatory, but some people struggle with it. If you have dormant glutes that need waking up, then try a couple of sets of glute bridgesbefore you bench. When these become easy, switch to a single-leg variation

  3. Get Your Feet Wide

    Whether you bench flat footed or up on the balls of your feet, a wide stance will give you stability and balance that supersedes what you can achieve with a narrow stance. Think of how a pyramid is built and you will soon understand

  4. Grip the Bar as Hard As You Can

    The HARDER you grip the bar, the harder your triceps will flex. To supercharge this technique, “break the bar apart” as you bench. Try to feel like you are bending the bar (your left hand will try to rotate counter-clockwise and your right hand will try to rotate clockwise)

  5. Bring the Bar to Your Lower Chest/Nipple Line

    Nothing will mess up your shoulders faster than benching to your upper chest with your elbows flared. This is a horrible position. Instead, tuck your elbows on the descent and aim to touch the bar to your lower chest on each and every rep. Just remember to keep your forearms perpendicular to the floor at all times

If you practise these 5 simple points each and every time you Bench Press, you will soon have much better technique and more pressing power.

It’s as simple as that.

Now go build yourself a BIGGER BENCH,

Andy bolton
Strength Coach, Author, Public Speaker, World Champion Powerlifter and of course, the first man ever to Deadlift 1008lbs

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