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Off Season Training For Strength Athletes

Off Season Training For Strength Athletes By Andy Bolton Powerlifters and guys who just want to GET STRONG often ask me about ‘off season training’. In this article I will talk to you about how you can structure your off season training. Firstly, let’s get one thing straight… Unless you compete in a sport — […]

How To Squat With Chains (VIDEO)

This video shows you how to SQUAT WITH CHAINS… If you want to develop speed, strength and power on your Squats, you must try squatting against chains. It’ll make you stronger out of the hole AND at lockout. The Chains work by accomodating resistance, meaning that as you lower the bar into the hole the […]

Do This – Pull More Weight. Period.

There has been a lot of debate recently, between both coaches, athletes and lifters alike, about the correct starting position for the Deadlift. In particular, the focus has been on whether or not to retract the shoulder blades at the start of the Deadlift. Some say you should and some say you shouldn’t. I don’t, […]

Knee Wrapping Technique For The Squat

  How you wrap your knees on the Squat is very important. Here are three things to remember: 1. The tighter you “pre-stretch” your knee wraps before you put them on, the better you will be able to wrap your knees. So don’t skimp on the preparation. Really crank them up before you start wrapping […]

Assistance Exercises For The Powerlifts

If there is one part of the body that is essential to the success of a lifter, it is the BACK. Every lifter needs a strong back. It doesn’t matter whether or not you are a Powerlifter, Weightlifter, Strongman or Bodybuilder – without a strong back, you won’t achieve your potential. It was predominately the […]

Andy Bolton Squat And Deadlift Training: 27/7/2011

A. Squat against 80kg of Chain: Worked up to 3 doubles with 285kg B. Block Pull (starting below knee height): Worked up to 365kg x 2 with no chalk C. Deadlift from the floor: 245kg x 2 D. High Block Pull (grip work): 305kg x 20 seconds, 345kg x 20 seconds no chalk Made a […]

How To Deadlift Like A Pro (Video)

I’ve written a new Deadlift article for you… Check it out by clicking the link below: how to deadlift like a pro If you want a BIGGER Deadlift, it’s a must read (there’s a video too): how to deadlift like a pro

5 Ways To Build A Bigger Bench

I’ve written a new Bench Press article for you… Check it out by clicking the link below: 5 ways to a bigger benchpress If you want a BIGGER Bench Press, it’s a must read (there’s a video too):