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How To Squat Like A Champion

I’ve written a new Squat article for you… Check it out by clicking the link below: How to Squat Like a Champion If you want a BIGGER Squat, it’s a must read (there’s a video too):  How to Squat Like a Champion

Deadlift Technique (Video)

Developing good technique is extremely important if you want to reach your Deadlift strength potential and stay injury free. For more Deadlift technique advice, click here

100kg On Your Pull In A Year?

***Testimonial*** Andrew Dare wrote to me to say: “Thanks for the awesome training information Andy, I’ve been following your advice on the deadlift from blocks and have added 100kg to my deadlift in a year. I can now deadlift 300kg from the floor and that’s not bad progress for an older guy. Thanks Andy, keep […]

Bench Press Power – part 3

In parts 1 and 2 of this “Bench Press Power” series we looked at Bench Press technique and variations of the Bench Press that you can use to bring up weaknesses and prevent you from getting bored in your training. Today, we’re going to look at assistance exercises for the Bench Press. To Bench big […]

Bench Press Power – part 2

In part 1 of this Bench Press newsletter series I talked about the most important thing that you must work on if you want a big Bench. And that was TECHNIQUE. Today I’m going to talk about the Bench Press and variations of the Bench Press and how you can incorporate these into your training. […]

Bench Press Power – part 1

I’ve put together a 3 part series for the Bench Press. To Bench BIG; technique is first and foremost. It was only once Bill Crawford, (of Metal Militia), helped me with my technique, that my Bench jumped from a terrible 280kg to a more respectable 342.5kg/755lbs. And this jump happened in just 6 months! In […]

VIDEO – Bench Press Technique Part 2

In this Bench Press technique video you will see me talking about how to get a good set up and a good lift off. The lift off can make or break your Bench Press. A good lift off will allow you to transition from having the bar in the racks to having the bar over […]