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Bench Press Mini Series – Part 1

I’ve put together a 3 part  series on the Bench Press. (this is part 1) To Bench BIG; technique is first and foremost. It was only once Bill Crawford, (of Metal Militia), helped me with my technique, that my Bench jumped from a terrible 280kg to a more respectable 342.5kg/755lbs. And this jump happened in just 6 months! […]

Ben Explodes His Squat, Bench & Deadlift

***Ben sends his strength through the roof*** “Hi Andy I had been toying around with powerlifting styles of training for the last 12-18 months, mixing it with your typical split bodypart bodybuilding style of training and had peaked with a 210kg deadlift, 200kg squat and a 140kg bench press late in 2010. Since that time […]

How To Set Up Your Own Garage Gym

Where you train is super important. Who you train with and how you train are also very important too and all of these variables will affect the outcome you get from your training. And whether you are a competitive lifter, an athlete who trains to improve your performance in your chosen sport or just a […]

Andy Bolton Squat Training: 9th June 2011

Squat Training: 9th June 2011 A. Squat against 40kg Chain/side: 200kg x 2, 210kg x 2, 220kg x 2, 230kg x 2 All sets felt very easy and this was my first week back squatting in 4 weeks. B. Conventional Deadlifts: worked upto 185kg x 3 C. Block Pull: worked upto 225kg x 3 D. […]

Rod Shares His Powerlifting Story…

***Message From Rod*** Hi Andy, Just a few words to thank you for the awesome info provided in your books! I have brought all three books and have found the content to be absolutely brilliant! I have come to Powerlifting fairly late at 43, but I am finding it fantastic, and the gains I have […]

Unbelievable Bulgarians…

Recently I’ve been doing some reading and research on a guy who has to be not only one of the greatest strength coaches of all-time, but one of the greatest sports coaches of all-time. I’ve talked a little about him before, but I’m going to give you some more detail today and tell you what […]

Andy Bolton… The Story Of 1000lbs…

o see exactly how to build YOUR Deadlift technique, click here If you know your Greek mythology, you may remember the story of Atlas. He was the God of lifting and all other heavy burdens, who was sentenced by Zeus to bear the weight of the heavens on his shoulders for all eternity. This legend […]

Andy Bolton Seminar 2011 DVD Now Available

Hey guys, Just a quick post to let you know that this seminar DVD is now available… You can check it out here This seminar was filmed in front of a sold out crowd in Ireland, at my good friend Sammy Graham’s gym. It lasts 2.5 hours and if you are a Powerlifter or Strength […]

My Bench & Deadlift Attempts From The Body Power Meet

I competed on May 22nd in a Push/Pull Powerlifting Competition I competed on May 22nd in a Push/Pull Powerlifting Competition at the NEC in Birmingham, England. This video shows all 3 Bench Press attempts and all 3 Deadlift attempts. Unfortunately, I didn’t quite have the day I was looking for… but it can’t go perfectly […]