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Training Advice For A Bigger Deadlift

In this article I answer a question from Carl. I get asked this question about a 1,000,000 times a day! So it should help you help you out…. ***QUESTION from Carl*** “Andy, Could you give me a good deadlift routine and any tips on how to get my grip stronger?” >>>MY COMMENTS: I’m not a big fan of writing […]

A Simple Tip For Powerlifting Competitions

It often amazes me how many lifters bomb at meets.  You don’t see many bomb on the Deadlift, but the Squat and Bench Press see a lot of lifters fail to make 1 of there 3 attempts and end up going home early. This often lets weaker, but smarter lifters win or place higher than guys who are stronger […]

The Truth About Grip Training

I get asked about grip training all the time, so I think you’ll find this post pretty interesting if you want a strong grip. ***Question from Herbert*** “My grip has been giving out on the Deadlift as I’ve been getting stronger. What can I do to solve this problem?” >>>MY COMMENTS: Ah, the old grip question! This […]

Explode Your Deadlift e-book: released

Over the years I have been asked by literally thousands of lifters and athletes one very simple question. That question is: “How do I improve my Deadlift?” And that’s precisely why I’ve written ‘Explode Your Deadlift’! In this e-book you’ll discover: Exactly how to pull Conventional and Sumo Easy tips to reduce your injury-risk whilst […]

Pin Pulls, Block Pulls And Mat Pulls

his article will discuss 3 different styles of partial movement training for the Deadlift. Partial Movement Training refers to training through less than a full range of motion. You will discover how to use partial deadlifts to improve your Deadlift and also some pitfalls you should avoid. Partial Movement Training has been used by many […]

Today, Andy Bolton Is Mainly Exercising His ‘Little’ Muscles?

(First Published in 2007 in the Daily Telegraph Newspaper) Adam Lusher asks Andy Bolton if he is in touch with his feminine side… The 25-stone Englishman is the first person in the world ever to Deadlift 1,000lbs. In America, he’s a hero. Foolishly, Adam Lusher asks some impertinent questions There are some questions you can […]

Nothing Comes Easy (or; how to Squat 1260lbs)

Donnie Thompson tells you the remarkable story of  how he Squatted 1260lbs In 2008, I saw the most incredible thing! Vladimir Alahozov from Israel was lifting in the same meet as I was; in Columbus, Ohio.  We were in the Holiday Inn Ballroom, which I think is great for Powerlifting meets.  Everyone knew he was […]


How To Get BIG and STRONG There’s a lot of guys out there who want to get bigger and stronger. But how come so many of them fail to add the muscle and strength they desire? Well, there’s a ton of reasons for this, but here’s my top 5 reasons people are failing to add […]

New York 2006: History In The Making

To discover exactly how I trained leading up to pulling history’s first 1000lbs Deadlift AND to see how you should be training in order to Pull your biggest Deadlift ever, check out this: The Phase that Launched 1000lbs