How To Deadlift Using Chains (VIDEO)

This video shows you how to DEADLIFT WITH CHAINS…

Deadlifting with chains you will improve your starting strength and your LOCKOUT POWER.

Chains accomodate resistance, making the weight heavier at lockout, and lighter when the bar is on the floor at the start of your Deadlift.

You DO NOT need a loading chain in order to Deadlift against chain. Instead, you can just drape the chains over the bar (as you’ll see in the video).

Chains are a great tool for any powerlifter, strength enthusiast and athlete who requires more speed, strength and power (so if this sounds like you, then I highly recommend that you incorporate them into your

One thing to watch out for when Deadlifting with chains is to make sure that the chain is directly under the bar or placed slightly back towards you at the start. You do not want the chain in front of the bar because it will pull you forwards as you lift, which is both dangerous and inefficient.

Experiment with the chains and let me know how you get on.

Here is my current Deadlift training plan:

Week 1: 60% x 3 doubles (against 20kg of chain)

Week 2: 65% x 3 doubles (against 20kg of chain)

Week 3: 70% x 3 doubles (against 20kg of chain)

Week 4: Work up to a heavy single, then do a heavy partial (from around knee height)

Feel free to copy my training routine and get your Deadlift going UP!

For more information on how to use Chains on your Deadlift, Squat, Bench and Assistance exercises,
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How To Squat With Chains (VIDEO)

This video shows you how to SQUAT WITH CHAINS…

If you want to develop speed, strength and power
on your Squats, you must try squatting against chains.
It’ll make you stronger out of the hole AND at lockout.

The Chains work by accomodating resistance, meaning
that as you lower the bar into the hole the weight gets
lighter (as the heavy chain ends up on the floor). Then,
as you drive the bar out of the hole all the way to lockout,
the weight gets heavier (as the heavy chain ends up in
the air).

Chains are an awesome way for Powerlifters, strength
enthusiasts and serious athletes to increase their
strength, speed and power. So if you fall into one of
those categories (and I’d bet my last dollar that you do),
you must start using chains in your strength training.

bands-and-chainsThe results are mind-blowing.

Chains can be used whilst you do speed work, max
effort work and repetition work.

For more info on how to correctly use chains on your
Squat AND your Bench and Deadlift, check out my
book, Bands And Chains. Just click the image below
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Deadlift Technique (Video)

Developing good technique is extremely important
if you want to reach your Deadlift strength potential
and stay injury free.

For more Deadlift technique advice, click here

My Bench & Deadlift Attempts From The Body Power Meet

I competed on May 22nd in a Push/Pull Powerlifting Competition

I competed on May 22nd in a Push/Pull Powerlifting Competition
at the NEC in Birmingham, England.

This video shows all 3 Bench Press attempts and all 3 Deadlift
attempts. Unfortunately, I didn’t quite have the day I was looking
for… but it can’t go perfectly at every meet.

I made my first Bench Press attempt and my first two attempts
on the Deadlift. I pulled 370kg and 410kg. 410kg felt pretty easy so
I went for the all-time world record of 1016lbs, but it didn’t really

I’ll be back competing in Finland at the Bullfarm Powerlifting
. They’ll be lots of great lifters there and I’m looking
forward to it already.

Watch out!..

Get A Grip! (Grip Competition Video)

I recently did my first grip competition and
I won it!

The event was held by David Horne who has
one of the strongest pairs of hands ever.
The guy is a true grip master.

It was a pretty fun day and surprisingly tough
work…. I didn’t realise there were this many
ways to train grip.

Check out the video and you’ll get some ideas
for how to train your grip. Regardless of what
sport you do, a stronger grip can only help.

I’ll be back to train with David Horne soon so
keep an eye out for more videos.

Andy Bolton